Corporate Clothing Catalogue

Our 2015/2016 Gifting and Headwear Catalogue is our most comprehensive gifting catalogue to date. 

Some items require explanations and some existing items may look the same but we would like you to be aware of some minor changes to them. 

We believe that it is in your interests to read through the information below carefully with your new catalogue in hand. 

On the 1st of June 2015, we introduced a new branding technique called Direct to Product Digital Printing (DP). Select items in our catalogue have been designated as ideal for this new process. They are noted with a DP READY logo 

in the catalogue. Please take note that some of these items include a free DP (Digital Print) in the price of the product, whilst others incur an additional charge for this process over and above the price of the product. Please view the branding guideline for the item in question to ensure that you are aware of which item does and does not include the FREE digital print in the product price. 

This year we have created multiple power bank gift sets by importing boxes with foam cut-outs specifically for each gift set. Please take note of some important comments per power bank gift set. 

As the gift sets are made up of multiple components, when checking stock on hand of the gift set, please ensure that you check stock of the individual components that make up the gift set, in the colours you require. 

When ordering the gift set, please advise your Account Manager of the pen colour you require and in the case of GIFTSET-6000, the power bank colour you require too. 

These power bank gift sets are all supplied in our new GIFTBOX-005. This gift box enables you to purchase the power bank and pen but also has a cut out available for a USB as well as a Multi Cable. These latter two products are optional extras for the set. The cut out areas for these are filled should your client choose not to include the USB and/or the Multi Cable in the gift set. 

Please take note of one code error on page 27, whereby our Energyblast Power Bank is coded TECH-4429 in the middle of the page, though the correct code is TECH-4499, as noted at the top of the page. 

These gift boxes are designed for our power banks sets and are not available for sale without components. 

Please advise your Account Manager the power bank, the pen colour, the memory stick colour and the cable colour required, where applicable. 

We have provided a power bank comparison table on pages 38 and 39. This table is also downloadable in pdf format from our website, to enable you to forward onto your clients. 

We’d like to remind you that the purchase of cheap power banks without confidence that your supplier has ensured that their factory has undertaken the necessary safety precautions is a dangerous approach to take. Amrod has spent a lot of time and money to audit the factories manufacturing our power banks and we are confident that we are offering you power banks that have undergone sufficient and extensive testing so that you can offer these to your clients with the peace of mind you should have. 

We offer you 4 new memory sticks with the ability to print a full colour digital logo on the surface. Please take note that pricing of these 4 memory sticks includes our new DP process in the price of the item on one side of the memory stick. Should you wish to also DP the other side, please view the branding guidelines for the DP code. 

For our Razor Memory Stick (USB-4607) and our Rotary Memory Stick (USB-5000), we have designed a plastic presentation case to house these two memory sticks. The housing is included in the price of the memory stick and is not available for sale on its own. Its code is CASE-1000. 

USB-4575 is now supplied in our Rotary Visibility Pouch (POUCH-5000) – included in the price of the USB. 

This year, we have chosen to supply our clients with a black microfibre presentation pouch to house each memory stick (where shown in the catalogue). Previously, these memory sticks were supplied bulk packed, so we feel that your clients will appreciate this form of presentation a lot more (POUCH-1905 for applicable memory sticks and POUCH-1900 for applicable USB Pens). 

Please also note that USB-4558 no longer includes a presentation box but is now presented in a microfibre presentation pouch (POUCH-1905). 

These USB Pens that were previously supplied in alternative presentation boxes are now supplied in a FREE microfibre pouch (POUCH-1900).

GIFT-9805 is now available in white so that we can DP it. 

Selfie Sticks in the catalogue are new models, not the original models we have been selling via our website. These new models enable us to brand the phone holder part, rather than the telescopic handle. 

Note that iPhone 5, 6 and Samsung covers all include a free DP. New models will be imported as and when they become available and will be sold via our website. 

GIFT-9880 – these are wax highlighters which do not dry up quickly. This item is also perfect for DP. 

GIFT-9875 – These are also wax highlighters and perfect for DP. 

PEN-1569 and PEN-1592 are patented designs with a flatter area to enable a larger digital printing area. The price of these pens includes a digital print (DP) on one side. No minimum quantity applies, but there is a setup charge applicable. 

PEN-1550 – We offer a free one-colour print on the clip for the icons in the catalogue only, in a colour of your choice, for orders of 1000 units or more. Our normal one-colour free pad print promotion will still apply to a print on the barrel for 1000 pens or more. The setup charge for the print on the clip still applies. If your client would like a different logo on the clip to the icons in the catalogue, then that is to be charged for. 

These Balmain Pens are available for purchase individually as a rollerball or ball pen but you are also able to create a pen set from the two by purchasing a pen box from our collection. The recommended box is BOX-1760 which is a Balmain box and only available for purchase with our Balmain pens. 

Take note of this new Elleven Laptop backpack which is priced below all of our other Elleven Laptop backpacks. 

Take note that we recommend sublimating the white coolers on this page. 

We now offer our Frostbite collection of coolers in Grey. 

When ordering our Malibu Tumbler (DW-6820) or our Fiesta Jam Jar (DW-6815), please indicate the straw colour you require and whether it is a candystripe or frosted straw. For packaging purposes, straws will be bulk packed in the cartons. 

Please note that these three ceramic mugs no longer include a box. They are supplied bulk packed. 

We have discontinued the black chameleon mug with black inner and replaced with a black chameleon mug with a white inner. 

Take note of our new cheaper colour changing mug. 

GIFTSET-6010 – this set includes a matching colour Avatar Pen as well as a black presentation box in the price of the set. 

Andy Cartwright – this is a new category of locally manufactured products to replace our previous Diana Carmichael collection. Stock will be available from 1 August. 

AC-1049 and AC-1050 – this is high quality dark chocolate with a one year expiry time. It is wrapped in a gold foil and an excellent gift for international delegates coming to Africa. 

You are able to choose a single mug or a set of 5 mugs with a selection of City-Inspired, Stadium-Inspired, Flora-Inspired or Big-5-Inspired Images on the mug. When ordering these, please indicate whether you will be requiring your orders supplied in individual gift boxes, or a set of 5. 

You are able to choose a single coaster or a set of 5 coasters with a selection of City-Inspired, Stadium- Inspired, Flora-Inspired or Big-5-Inspired Images on the mug. When ordering these, please indicate whether you will be requiring your orders supplied in individual gift boxes, or a set of 5. 

UMB-20-S has now changed its code to UMB-7655. 

KH-7400 – take note that this item has been imported in solid white so that we can digitally print it. Whilst it is an identical product to KH-7420 below it on the page, it is the only version we offer a full colour digital print on. 

Please take note of the further options now available to you from our WorldSource Department. These options enable your clients who have planned sufficiently in advance to receive products customised to their needs. Please email your Account Manager or your brief relating to these options and we will supply you with pricing within 48 hours. 

It’s worth taking advantage of our heavily discounted end-of-range items. Please ensure you view our stock levels for these items on our website as once they are sold out, no further stock of these items will be incoming. 

Click HERE to view the FULL RANGE

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2015 / 2016 Corporate Catalogue

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